About Me

My name's Robert, but people who've known me for a long time call me Gordie. I'm a professional software developer, amateur musician and luthier, and single dad. Oh, and I've been smoke free for 0 days, 0 hours and 0 minutes.

I'm a senior code monkey for a large national company headquartered in my home town in Tampa Bay: Our Town America. Our Town is a great company that I'm proud to work at. I've been working here since June 2015. As a programmer for Our Town I get to write mobile apps and software that directly touch the lives of people all over the country. I do a lot of coding for fun outside of work too. I love to write libraries and APIs that make mine and other developer's lives easier, in addition to occasional freelance gigs.

Before Our Town I worked for another great company: Carnet Marketing which provides marketing and other services for car dealerships across the country. In my time there I wrote their CRM tool and their call center's dialer as well as a handful of other projects. I enjoyed working there but after 3 years the hours became difficult to manage as a single dad.

Of all my positions and titles, my favorite by far is "Dad." Being a father and watching a little person grow up is the greatest thing I've ever done.